The Friendly Dog Walker

About Us

The Friendly Dog Walker is a firm believer, agreeing with many dog behaviourists, that 'pack' walking can often be dangerous and very unsettling for some dogs and this is why we offer both private walks and small group walks with no more than two to three dogs, unless otherwise agreed.  This allows the dog to receive the attention and care it deserves and requires, ensuring that safety is for all paramount.  

Whether you need Monday - Friday, one or two days a week or just 'now and then', we are more than happy to help and offer you not only the most suitable service for your pet, but also the best value. 

We understand how difficult it can be to leave your pets with someone else.  Therefore The Friendly Dog Walker offers a free initial consultation, where we can meet and have a chat about your pets' needs.

We believe in structured and varied walks, where dogs not only get attention and constant care but will experience a variety of environments from the beach to forest walks.  We will not train your dog but will ask the dog to sit to have the lead put back on and for a well deserved treat at the end of an energetic walk etc.  

Having worked in the financial services industry for nearly 20 years, where high quality customer service is of the utmost importance, we decided to merge our love of caring for animals with our knowledge and expertise to provide a service that leaves our customers completely satisfied and with peace of mind. 

'Please Scoop The Poop' Scheme launch. (Facebook page to follow shortly)

We at the Friendly Dog Walker in association with Cainine Capers Pet Services in Tayport have introduced a new scheme to help tackle the problem of dog fouling in the local area and felt it could be a great opportunity to get schools and children involved with promoting a scheme to help keep our pavements, parks, sports pitches and beaches clear from dog's 'no2's.

The motivation for the scheme came while out walking dogs in the Wormit Bay area where I managed to remove an additional 20 dog 'no2s' while out on that one walk!

We are a nation of dog-lovers but unfortunately, although the vast majority of dog owners are responsible and pick up after their pets, a small minority refuse to do the right thing and the consequence is that pavements, parks, sports pitches and beaches can be blighted by dog mess, which is offensive and potentially dangerous.

Local authorities spend millions of pounds each year on cleaning up dog mess and many communities are suffering the consequences of the minority of those irresponsible dog owners.
My scheme is not looking to police or catch people out it is designed, with the support from a network of local pet businesses and local schools, to help educate and bring good practises into the area. We plan through talks and the handing out of packs containing a 'Please Scoop The Poop' badge and free poo bags with an additional pack for the dog owner to 'Pass Forward' to another dog owner we can encourage people to keep the local area poop free.

The scheme is very much designed to get the message of how important it is to keep our parks and beaches poop free in a very non confrontational way. We will also arrange fun days where we will get work parties together to hand out packs but also work scooping the poop and cleaning local areas.

The 'Please Scoop The Poop Scheme' is an opportunity to remind every dog owner that they need to "Bag it and bin it" - no excuse!!

If you would like to support the scheme please like us on Facebook where you can track upcoming events and incentives we will be running throughout the year.

If we can all work together a scheme like this can be very successful. In turn if we can educate our children of the importance of responsible dog ownership they will in turn help to educate some parents/carers also of the importance of keeping our countryside and coastlines clean...............hopefully a win win for all:-)