The Friendly Dog Walker


Dog walking - 1 hour - £10

A one hour walk will consist of your dog being collected and taken to a lovely location where he/she will be walked for a full hour.  It may be to the beach to enjoy the sea air and sand under their paws or for a woodland sniff among the trees and undergrowth!  This walk will be a high energy walk ensuring your dog gets plenty of stimulation and exercise.

When walking in small groups it is imperative that your dog does not show any sign of aggression towards other dogs and is also friendly towards humans.   

Dog walking - 30 minutes - £6.00

A short walk may be all that your dog requires - please call to discuss.


Private Walks - Price by arrangement

Private walks involve just your dog and us!  Your dog will enjoy a beach walk, forest walk or a stroll around the park with a ball. Private walks are ideal for shy or nervous dogs, or elderly dogs who prefer quiet. 

After each walk your dog will be delivered back home, tired, content and happy. If muddy and wet we will towel dry your dog and ensure that he/she is left with fresh drinking water.

Petsitting - up to 30 minutes - From £6.00

Petsitting - 2 x daily visits - From £10.00

For your cat:  Ideal for allowing your cat to stay at home and enjoy the comfort of familiar surroundings.

Our cat sitting service is a perfect alternative to cattery boarding, or asking friends, family or neighbours for 'another favour'. Cats are known to be less stressed in their own environment and therefore are happier being left in their own surroundings. Visits to your home consist of us 'popping-in' and carrying out duties as instructed by you such as; friendly interaction with your cat, feeding, cleaning litter trays and providing fresh water. 

For your small animals:  Daily visits to your home are perfect for your small animals and again save you from asking a friend or neighbour to take on the responsibility.

Caged animals such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice etc can be checked on a regular basis.  We can clean cages if necessary, chop fresh vegetables and carry out your instructions on the type of care you require.


For your puppy or young dog:  These visits are perfect for owners with puppies or young dogs. Puppy pop-ins consist of us visiting your home and spending valuable and essential time with the puppy. We will spend time letting your pup outside for the toilet, feeding, interacting and cleaning up any accidents, etc.  This package is also ideal for owners with bitches in season who would prefer their dog to be kept in a secure area. We can let them into the garden (as long as secure), spend time interacting with them and throwing toys or a ball etc.

For puppy and young dog 'pop ins' we would recommend a minimum of two visits per day.